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“Coach Raghu and the Cricket Zeal team provided everything I needed to get a cricket program started at my school. Equipment, instructional materials and Coach Raghu’s professional guidance were all included in this great program. I would encourage any educator’s and coaches who are interested in developing a cricket program, to get in touch with the Cricket Zeal Academy!”

Kelly Caldwell,
Physical Education Specialist/Sharks & Parks Program Coordinator
Oliveira Elementary, A California Distinguished School 4180 Alder Ave Fremont, CA 94536

Parents Feedback


Hi Coach Krish and Coach Raghu, You guys are awesome, be it technical skills or fun training session and video session my son Siddharth has been enjoying the class a lot. Thank you so much for your time and dedication!!!


Coach Raghu Vatsan thoroughly enjoyed the coaching and is interested to get more of it. Thanks for making it interesting introducing variety of skills and techniques . Krish, Appreciate your heads up emails on the daily agenda and plans . That was very helpful.


Hi, I just got a glimpse of one of the video coaching sessions today, and i must say it was very informative and useful for anyone who’s learning the game. I believe, so far, the sessions have been informative, practical and useful in terms of making the children understand the value of fitness, correct cricket techniques, useful practices/tips, team bonding and overall being focused on learning and improving one’s game. Great going coach and your valuable experience and time is highly appreciated.


Coach Raghu was teaching the older boys how to bowl. Some of them were making less of an effort than others. He called them all in and said: “If you show up in practice with a casual mindset, you will take that mindset to the actual match,” before instructing them to focus on every moment. It was instructive to see these boys really paying attention. I thought what Raghu said was so appropriate, and so relevant to everything we do, for happiness flows from doing things right, and all that needed is knowing when to focus, and when to switch off and relax. I hope these young boys fortunate enough to have grasped coach’s concept whilst learning how to bowl, take this essential verity to other aspects of their lives.