Under – 12 (Game Based Training)

Game Based, Competitive Training

After learning the basics of the game, we introduce kids to game based set up. Focus will be to help the kids learn how to play and win together as a team. Personally, each kid will be able to improve their individual game by getting quality one-on-one sessions with our coaches.  

The game is not over until it’s over - Coach  

01. Team is as strong as the weakest link

Coaches will focus on helping kids to understand the importance of partnerships. In cricket, it is very essential to form partnerships in every aspect of the game (batting, bowling and fielding)

02. Focus on the next ball

Its important to always think about the present. In competitive sports, the current moment is all matters. We help the kids learn that a bad over or a bad dismissal does not mean the end. We help them learn the ability to bounce back and do well in the game. As long as the game is not over, you have a chance to win.

03. Focus on your game

While we focus on the team skills, we never compromise on the kids ability to mature into a star performer. We will have one-on-one sessions to provide all the necessary inputs for him to grow into a MVP cricketer for the team.

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